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The following compositions by Terence Minogue in the Alfred Music score rental library include the following. They are for SATB chorus and orchestra.

“Bread of Heaven”
This composition is based on the meditative eighteenth-century hymn “Prayer for Strength” by William Williams Pantycelyn, who is generally acknowledged as the greatest Welsh hymn writer. This version is from Gwaith Pantycelyn (trans. The Works of Pantycelyn)

“Christmas Bells”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the poem on Christmas Day in 1863, when the outcome of the American Civil remained uncertain. Also uncertain was the fate of Longfellow’s son Charles, who was severely wounded in battle. However, Charles did survive and became an amateur ethnographer and world traveler. The song gives hope that there will be good will and peace and on earth.

“Sweet Was the Song”
This traditional English Epiphany carol tells of the Virgin Mary singing a lullaby to the newborn Jesus. The words have been set to music by many composers over the centuries, including Ralph Vaughn Williams and Benjamin Britten. The earliest known instance was from William Ballet’s sixteenth-century Lute Book.